Wednesday, July 18, 2018

italian sunbed

italian sunbed italian sunbed italian sunbed italian sunbed italian sunbed italian sunbed italian sunbed italian sunbed

Summervibes in the backyard...

During our adventurous weeks in Sicily, we sometimes went 'alla spiaggia' and spent a relaxing day on a typical Italian summer bed on the beach.

Those who have been in Italy, know that these beds are s u p e r comfortable and the small adjustable sunroof is really great when you want to read a book, look on your phone or just want to lie in the shade with your face.

We agreed, we need an Italian sunbed in our backyard. It's so easy when you can leave the sunbed outside all summer and the bed is light enough to carry it by yourself and move it around in the garden. Our vintage bamboo daybed is too heavy to take outside on a sunny afternoon, I can't move it by myself.

Moreover, we know from experience that it is good to invest in quality when it comes to garden furniture. We are enjoying our Fermob furniture for years now, and it's outside all year.

The summer of 2018 has been excellent so far, so we decided to go for an Italian lounger right away when we came home from Sicily.

We ordered a weatherproof aluminum sunbed at LIGBED EXPRESS, they have a huge choice of colors, designs and materials. We went for v e r d e, a beautiful fresh green!

The sunbed was delivered from Italy super fast to our home. So everyone is happy with it and we are using the bed in turns (haha, some even lay a towel on the bed, to reserve it...) Sicilian summervibes in the backyard!

I can recommend it to everyone, treat yourself to a real Italian lounger. Instant summer feeling guaranteed!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018


woodwoolstool baby blanket pattern

New crochet project on the kitchen table.

I haven't touched a crochet hook for a month and that's a long time for me.
After the Sicily summer holiday, I suddenly missed the crochet.

I felt like working on small 'garden projects', feasible on summer days, so squares seemed perfect to me.

I gave my original baby blanket pattern a new twist.

Now the squares are done and ready to turn them into a baby blanket and that's certainly a kitchen table project.

bb18 - baby blanket 2018 - is almost done...

Friday, July 13, 2018

Monday, July 9, 2018

la vita è bella in sicilia

catania catania catania catania catania - le capannine catania - le capannine catania - le capannine catania - le capannine catania - le capannine catania - le capannine melagrana catania - etna catania - porto catania catania catania

The first weeks on Sicily we walked an average of 10 km per day, so we finally decided not to go on the Etna the last day. Time to relax on the beach the last days of our holiday.

Sicily may be part of Italy, however it's separated geographically and culturally and the island is rich in its own dramatic history. Blessed by a wonderful climate and welcoming people, proud to share their beautiful island with you. With a wealth of art and archaeological gems, historic cities, medieval villages, truly superb food and stunning nature. Sicily surprised us.

La vita è bella in Sicilia!

Friday, July 6, 2018

il manifesto

il manifesto il manifesto il manifesto il manifesto palermo palermo

On the second day of our stay in Palermo, we came across a bright billboard, on the way to the botanical garden.

We tried to find out the artist of this striking drawing of the woman with lilac & yellow headscarf. So we looked it up and initially thought the number 863 on the sign, would lead us to the artist. Not...

On our way back, we even tried loosen the poster from the billboard (I have to admit), but it was stuck on dozens of layers of posters. In the end we decided to photograph the poster and make a poster of it later.

After a few days when we past this place again on our way to the station, we came to the conclusion that 'our' beautiful poster was covered by a supermarket advertising. What a shame! (for an unknown cola brand, how irreverent...)

Luckily we still had the photo! And luckily now there is a new version at our home, a splendid souvenir of Sicily.

Just in case there's someone who knows the name of the artist, I would really like to know.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

aci trezza

acitrezza acitrezza acitrezza acitrezza acitrezza acitrezza acitrezza acitrezza acitrezza acitrezza acitrezza acitrezza acitrezza acitrezza acitrezza acitrezza acitrezza acitrezza acitrezza acitrezza acitrezza

Aci Trezza is a small village in Sicily, 10 km north of Catania.

Located on the coast of the Ionian Sea, Aci Trezza is a popular spot for Italian vacationers in the summer. We visited in the preseason, so it was still fairly quiet.
On the coast of Aci Trezza there are three tall, column-shaped islands. According to local legend, these great stones are the ones thrown at Odysseus in The Odyssey. The islands of the Cyclops or "isole dei ciclopi" are located below Mount Etna, which looms over the village to the northwest.

We drove with our small Fiat 500 to Aci Trezza and made a boat trip with the most charming elderly local fisherman around the islands of the Cyclops.

After our boat trip we stayed on a 'lido solarium' above the lava beach and when we returned to the parking, we were lucky, because we ended up in the middle of a Godfather scene, when a newly-married couple got out of church.