Thursday, March 21, 2019

blossom by blossom

blossom by blossom

“Blossom by blossom the spring begins.” — Algernon Charles Swinburne

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

spring forward

spring forward

All that natural light throughout the house!

Spring is definitely in the air.

Can't wait to open the garden doors and live outside more.
Yesterday I've started to work in the garden for a while and pruned the ginkgo tree in our front yard.

Even though we have to be patient, before we can have breakfast in the front yard again.
Well, for the time being, we can start with a cup of tea with a warm woolen cardigan on the garden bench. Nothing wrong with that either.

Monday, March 18, 2019

monday nook

moroccan wool cool crochet workshop moroccan wool

My monday afternoon nook, from where I'm working on a new crochet project* surrounded by spools of moroccan wool, i've brought home from Marrakech over the years.

A mini 'crochet picnic' on the daybed, after a busy weekend.

not yet completely sure what it will be...
a curtain for my studio?
a daybed cover?
or maybe a baby blanket?

Saturday, March 16, 2019

cheers to the weekend

cheers to the weekend

Friday in the late afternoon.

Back home from work. It was pouring outside.

I had been looking forward to this moment all day: lights on, fresh coffee and continue my crochet project.

Cheers to the weekend!

Thursday, March 14, 2019

indoor oasis

houseplants houseplants houseplants atelier plants atelier plants

You can never have too many houseplants.

Although we don't have plants everywhere in the house, but clustered together in one place in the kitchen, the 'daybed-side' of the living and in my atelier.

Yesterday I've adopted some green babies (cyperus haspan, banana plant, sparmania africana, mimosa pudica) some of which can go outside in the garden in spring. For the time being they will stay inside for an indoor oasis atmosphere.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

instagram workshop marrakech - scenic street photography

marrakech april 2014 marrakech april 2014 marrakech october 2014 marrakech october 2014 marrakech april 2015 marrakech october 2015 marrakech april 2016 marrakech may 2017 cool crochet workshop marrakech may 2017 green gardens workshop marrakech october 2017 marrakech october 2017 marrakech october 2017 marrakech october 2017 marrakech april 2018 marrakech april 2018 essaouira april 2018

One of the workshops on the program is the INSTAGRAM-PHOTO WORKSHOP.
It's surprising to discover, observe and capture everyday life in the medina in different ways by taking 'unusual' photos. In this post a collection of moroccan doors, I've photographed over the years. Obviously it's just one example to show you, how to discover the authentic Marrakech in our scenic street photography tour.
(gosh, where does the harlequin inspiration come from?)

Would you like to join the ultimate Marrakech trip in October?

Perfect when you want to travel alone, but also a great trip to make with your friend, mother or sister.

Marvelous Marrakech! Seven days in Marrakech with a distinctive workshop program.

Explore Marrakech every day in a different way. We have combined new places and topics with the best from our programs from previous years.

What's new about the Marrakech travel workshops program? We have a different theme every day, to explore the authentic Marrakech in a special and unique way.

Off the beaten tracks with workshops and exciting adventures while discovering Marrakech and surroundings. Where everyone else goes to the right we go to the left. By showing you the real beauty of Marrakech, your visit to the Red City will be a much more precious experience!

Price € 777,00 per person (excl. tourist tax € 2,50 pppn)

The price is based on a shared twin bedroom and excluding flight tickets.

- transfer from airport Marrakech to Riad Chambres d'Amis (v.v.)
- shared twin bedroom (6 nights) including breakfast in Chambres d'amis.
- 2 dinners & 5 lunches (drinks are not included)
- 5 workshops

Buying wool, cotton and yarns in the souk. Moroccan craft class in the open on the colourful Place des Epices, where Aisha will teach you different characteristic Moroccan craft techniques (materials are included). After lunch we will continue the Moroccan craft class with Aisha and practice different crochet and embroidery techniques in The Secret Garden. (Needless to say, I will give a crochet class aswell.) At the end of the afternoon we will visit the Carpet auction in the souk, an unforgettable and colorful experience.

During the workshop we will visit and explore all kinds of gardens in and around Marrakech; an Arabic garden, a botanical garden, secret city gardens, hidden courtyards, an art garden, museum gardens and vegetable- and herb gardens.

Street photography in the medina. Learn how to anticipate the moment, to identify locations with suitable subjects and develop confidence in photographing on the street. Learn to select and frame a moving subject and explore colour to create impact. A visit and lunch at Maison de la Photographie.

Vegetable shopping in the Medina and souk. Cooking class by Moroccan women under the banana trees at Chambres d'Amis. Early home cooked lunch on the rooftop terrace. In the afternoon a bicycle tour to discover the beauty of Marrakech in the most fun way. Together with a young, native tour guide, you will discover the mysteries of Marrakech. On the bicycle we bring you beyond the tourist districts to show you the hidden jewels of Marrakech that usually remain secret to visitors!

A trip to a Berber village in the country side with a lunch at Berberlodge. We will visit an atelier where you can buy carpets directly from the Berber women, who make the carpets, so they will earn more money with their crafts, instead of the carpet dealers.

Halfway the week we have planned a day off! We can suggest a visit to the luxurious Beldi Club, a visit to Jardin Majorelle or you can use the day for shopping in the souk (optionally with personal shopper).

This week is a real treat for travellers, who would like to discover the real and authentic Marrakech. An adventurous journey, you can make on your own, while you will be 'pampered' and only have to enjoy and relax.

Arrival : Wednesday 2nd of October 2019 leaving : Tuesday 8th of October 2019

The workshop will start with a welcome dinner on the rooftop of Chambres d'Amis at 7PM on Wednesday. For early arrivals Chambres d'Amis can offer you a small program on the first day.

If you would like to join the workshop in October, please send an e-mail
I will send you an application form and more information about the travel workshop.

The Marrakech travel workshops 2019 are a collaboration with Ank van der Pluijm, my friend and owner of hotel CHAMBRES D'AMIS, oasis in the Medina of Marrakech and our wonderful green 'basecamp' during the workshops week. You will, of course, be overloaded with impressions in Marrakesh, and Hotel Chambres d’Amis will be your quiet home to return to. Our street Derb Moulay Abdelkader is located in a very quiet and safe residential area, and very easy to find.

(it's always possible to book extra nights, before or after the workshop)

Monday, March 11, 2019


haarlem haarlem haarlem haarlem haarlem haarlem haarlem haarlem haarlem haarlem haarlem haarlem haarlem haarlem haarlem haarlem haarlem haarlem haarlem haarlem haarlem haarlem haarlem

Haarlem - 8th & 9th of March - 22616 steps

Last week I went with my dear friend Marieke to Haarlem. Marieke & I got to know each other in 2011, she was one of the participants of my second crochet workshop in Den Bosch, the Netherlands.

We became friends from the start and a few years later she also joined me on the Cool Crochet workshop in Marrakech.

We share our passion for green (flowers, plants, gardens) but also for vintage, interior, art, culture and crafts.

We planned a mini break to London actually, but because of Marieke's pregnancy we decided to have our girlfriends getaway in Haarlem and booked a room in boutique hotel Staats.

Coffee & cakes at By Babette
Lunch with homemade empanadas at Native
We bought some plants at the neighbor across the street, Klavertje Vijf
Dinner at De Dakkas

Breakfast at De Dakkas (we loved it and wanted to see the view in daylight)
Teylers Museum, 200 kinds of green, botanical art
Lunch at Martinus

In between we did some shopping (favorites; Ottomania & Vintage Curator), but we mainly talked and laughed a lot, while we went from breakfast, to coffee, to lunch, to drinks, to dinner...

and in case you want to visit the city, travel by train; Haarlem has the most beautiful station in the Netherlands.

Thank you Marieke for an unforgettable mini break. Love you.