Tuesday, January 16, 2018

huge harlequin blanket pattern

huge harlequin blanket pattern

The huge harlequin blanket is finally finished!

Most of the work was done in 2017 and I 'only' had to work all parts together to make it into a blanket.

I reworked the original harlequin pattern from June 2013, so you can choose whether you want to make the large or smaller version.

You can download the renewed huge harlequin blanket pattern from my Etsy shop.

With this extensive pattern of no less than 22 pages, you can make a huge harlequin blanket, but also a mini baby blanket and everything in between. The size of the blanket is very easily to enlarge or reduce.

The huge version is for enthusiastic and eager crochet queens and a smaller version is perfect to use all yarn leftovers.

Last night it was freezing cold on the attic and I took the blanket upstairs to put it over the duvet...

Monday, January 15, 2018

gold up to the ceiling

new tiles new tiles new tiles new tiles new tiles new tiles new tiles new tiles

Gold up to the ceiling.

Handmade moroccan tiles, in spicy tones of gold and bamboo brown, cover the kitchen walls.

The painted pink wall showed stains everywhere. Not surprising, of course, in a kitchen where you work and cook daily.
The 'moroccan pink' wall was repainted several times, but eventually we opted for a practical tile wall, up to the ceiling.

The aim was to create a warm, inviting atmosphere.

I would choose the moroccan pink color again and I will miss it, but after a few years it's time for something else.

What color? not too safe and boring and no green because that's too trendy.
Choosing a color is not that easy, however we quickly agreed; g o l d
Not the shiny gold, but a natural golden brown, mustard, ocher, spicy and different one...
(This color is also my favorite for wool projects, because it combines with everything although is quite a peculiar color.)

So it was a mess in the kitchen for three days, but the tile craftsman did an awesome job and it has become a beautiful wall!

I'm very happy with the result. Especially when the sunlight peeked inside yesterday.
The light, reflection, texture and the shadows of the plants; awesome atmosphere!

Today I am going to clean and redecorate the kitchen.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

huge harlequin blanket update

woodwoolstool huge harlequin blanket

The huge harlequin blanket is nearly halfway.

Somewhere in 2017 I started this huge harlequin project. It's quite an ambitious project, but it will be awesome in the end.

Yesterday evening I've been working on the project again and it seems the huge harlequin blanket, most likely will be lying our bed on the attic within a few weeks...

Making all the separate harlequins was easy and actually they are all small projects that can be done within in a few hours.

The big basket with crocheted parts was in a corner in the living room and I had no clue what the 'state of affairs' was.

When I put all the parts down on the floor on New Year's Eve, I found out that I only had to crochet two more harlequins. A huge boost to finish it finally!

Now I'm so glad I have continued the project and it's getting even better than I imagined.

It is motivating and now I can't stop... So no other side projects, I have to finish this first.

I had to share this 'huge harlequin project 2017/2018 update' with you, because I'm pretty proud of it.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

striped midi pencil skirt pattern

woodwoolstool striped midi pencil skirt pattern woodwoolstool striped midi pencil skirt

The STRIPED MIDI PENCIL SKIRT PATTERN is now available in my Etsy shop.

You can easily download the pencil skirt pattern in my shop, in English or Dutch version.

It's a very fun project to crochet and the perfect skirt for every season. I've made this pencil skirt with 100% wool from Marrakech in 5 different colors. You can also use another type of yarn and it's a great project to use your yarn leftovers.

The midi pencil skirt has a nice fit, because the soft crochet-fabric is stretchable.

I love midi skirts. Always have, because they are elegant, feminine and sophisticated.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

huge harlequin blanket

huge harlequin project

Hello everyone! Hello 2018!

Somewhere in 2017 I started this huge harlequin project. Perhaps just a little too ambitious but I'm sure it will be awesome in the end.

A huge harlequin blanket, king size bed blanket for the attic.

The thing with ambitious projects like these, they seem never ending...

Because it's impossible to do this blanket in one go, I need smaller side projects to work on simultaneously.

On New Year's Eve I put the parts down on the floor and discovered that I only had to crochet two more huge harlequins.

So I finished the last two harlequins and I intend to finish the blanket this month.
Attaching all parts to one another, the tricky part...
I made a start yesterday evening and it feels good to finally finish the blanket.

Hopefully we can actually use the blanket this winter season.

Cheers to 2018!