Friday, August 20, 2010

sweet thirteen

sweet thirteen, originally uploaded by wood & wool stool.

Today is Pippa's birthday!

She is thirteen years old now and has been waiting for this day so long. As promised a long time ago, today is the first 'earring day' of her life and she is shining from ear to ear.

Happy birthday sweet thirteen!


  1. Gefeliciteerd met de verjaardag van Pippa, wat is ze mooi!

  2. Happy birthday! What a lovely time of life : )

  3. Happy Birthday!
    Mooie Pippa! (ilovejenaam!!)

    Vier een lekker (oorbellen)feestje!

  4. Happy Birthday! And happy ‘first earring day’!
    I saw your daughter’s face at Flickr and thought: “interesting how some things in our lifes hurts but still make us smile...” This really was a rite of passage, congratulations to mom and daughter.
    My name is Anita and I am a Brazilian fan of wood & wool stool. I invite you to visit my blog Groovy Crochet ( after holydays. ;)
    How nice, I notice your flip top sandal are the Brazilians Havainas, am I right? Luke Havainas enjoying Greece.
    At last... What is this doll hair!! So beautiful! Here in Brazil natural shining blonde hair is uncommon, only my old Barbie has it.
    Once again happy sweet thirteen!

  5. Forgive my English, please. =]

  6. hieper-de-piep hoera voor de knappe pippa!