Wednesday, August 7, 2013

retourner à ré

st. martin de rést. martin de réla couarde sur merars en récote jardinars en réla flottemarket la nouebar la nouevintage chairsars en réla nouela flottears en rést. martin de réodettears en réars en ré marketst. martin de réars en réseedsst. martin de rést. martin de réwe want ice cream

On the way to the French Basque coast, the two of us made a two day stop on Ile de Ré.

The children followed by airplane to Biarritz, because there was no room in the car for five people and all camping gear.
We had a small lead and decided to revisit Ré and it was so good to be back;
La Vie En Rose


  1. Ile de Ré looks like it has lots of lovely colours and textures in it - fantastic. The images have been paired together so well, too! :)

  2. Wonderful pics. Gives me a sense of the French atmosphere. I enjoy. Bente

  3. C'est magnifique! Glad you had a lovely time x

  4. O wat ziet dat er heerlijk uit! Wij gaan in december met z'n drietjes in weekje naar Ile de Re. Ben benieuwd! Staat al zo lang op mijn lijstje.

  5. eh ... ik bedoel september, niet december :-)

    1. september is beter ;) je wordt verliefd op Ré, weet ik zeker! x

  6. Beautiful pics:) Can't wait to see ones of your visit to the French Basque coast.I live in the Charente ,but had a wonderful few days in Bidart last September.