Tuesday, October 22, 2013

fall fashion

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Yesterday I got quite a few questions about my outfit in the previous [october love] blogpost.

brown beanie - handmade in Marrakech (2012)
knitted cardigan - Staring at Stars, Urban Outfitters Antwerp (2013)
black dress - Sissy Boy (2005)
black boots clogs - Ugg (2010)
fingerless gloves - Wrist Worms, Sandra Juto (2011)
neon orange sunglasses - Galeries Lafayette, Biarritz (2013)

Yesterday I 'swapped' my summer wardrobe with the autumn & winter wardrobe. I must admit that I prefer my winter wear by far!


  1. i really love your style!

    one thing i love about winter is, that we can wear beanies.

    have a great day!

    p.s. yes, i bought the colorful sneakers in antwerp. ;)

  2. Haj Ingrid, deze outfit maakt je nog mooier !
    Genoten van de rondleiding, maandagavond in en rond Villa-Augustus.
    Echt een superleuke plek om z├ęker naar terug te gaan met de fam. Thanks !!

    1. Dankjewel Marco en ik heb het graag gedaan! Tot een volgende keer bij VA.

  3. Did you handmake your beanie in Marakesh or did you buy it there? I remember you wearing a colourful striped one too as I was quite bald last year and beanies were my thing. I tried to copy it but ended up with three for my kids as I kept getting it too small. Have you got a pattern? By the way those harlequin cushions are just lovely!

    1. Hej Annie, yes that the same beanie! I've bought two handmade in the Souk. I've tried to make one myself too and that didn't work out very well eighter :)

  4. Love your style!! And would love it if you started a fashion blog. :) So inspiring!!