Sunday, April 6, 2014

spring breeze linen

spring breeze linenpicasso in a homemade framepicasso in a homemade frame spring breeze linen

Saturday, another sunny day, what a spring!

Curtains fluttering in the wind, what do you mean 'spring fever'...

In the morning we visited the market and Lammies Shop (more on that later).
In the afternoon we made some wood & wool stools and a scrapwood frame for the Picasso, we brought from Bruges last week.

The new Gypsy book by Sibella Court was delivered today and we slowly browsed it [sigh] on the garden bench.
My friend Rosa showed me the book some weeks ago and I fell in love. Some books you simply have to buy.


  1. everything is so pretty! you are well prepared for the season :-)

  2. Wow wat een heerlijke dag! O ik heb Gipsy ook al weken liggen, maar nog geen tijd gehad om hem te bekijken, misschien dat hij nu toch even bovenop mijn stapel komt!hihi Fijne week,
    Liefs Lisanne

  3. What a beautiful scrapwood frame!

  4. Aren't Sibella Court's books wonderful? Love your photographs too!

  5. Love the lampshade with the bird.....