Sunday, September 21, 2014

today snorfestival!

snor festival


SNOR FESTIVAL Haarweg 6 in Vuren, the Netherlands.
Among all kinds of Snor things to do (workshops, music, food and books) there will also be an Yvestown Market for you to enjoy.
The list of this years marketeers:

wood & wool stool * mondaysmilk * zilverblauw * bypetra * muswerk * maandagdaandag * mikodesign * silly old suitcase * stella by rosa * ida yarnshop * lammie * babycinnokids * marieke's flowers

Hope to meet you at the Snor Festival today! Come by at my stand to say hello...


  1. Even the poster is delicious! those colours.....
    bestes daisy j x

  2. Wat een heerlijke middag heb ik gehad, nog bedankt voor t ticket! De ampersand staat te pronken op t dressoir, direct naast de "glimlach-sign". Was leuk je te ontmoeten! Warme groet, Vanessa