Tuesday, April 28, 2015

publication home & garden

publication home & gardenpublication home & gardenpublication home & gardenpublication home & garden

Recently I was contacted by creative editor Mirjam Roskamp for a portrait in the renewed Home & Garden magazine.

Chief editor Makkie Mulder has made a beautiful fresh magazine with her team. As she puts it; 'a fresh Home & Garden. Thicker, different paper, richer filled. A treat for all your senses.'

The portrait is about my work as a 'flower girl' at Villa Augustus and together with Saskia de Valk (Vlinder & Vogel) and Anton van Duijn (Bloomon), we were interviewed by Liddie Austin and photographed by Tjitske van Leeuwen.

The renewed Home & Garden is a verdurous magazine packed with lots of 'green' inspiration. Love it!


  1. Gefeliciteerd met het leuke artikel, en de mooie foto.
    En wat ontzettend leuk dat je dochter ook ''de bloemen in gaat''.

  2. *INGRID* ....always pretty :)

  3. "fille de fleur" cela vous va bien!

  4. Super leuk je in zo'n mooi tijdschrift te zien!