Thursday, February 18, 2016

a glimmer of gold

wood & wool stool wood & wool stool wood & wool stool wood & wool stool wood & wool stool

A simple white cotton cover with a glimmer of gold for Emily's tailor-made stool. The golden detail was her idea and I am delighted with the shimmering result. The stool is on it's way to London now.

Truth be told; I need to make another one for ourselves, i think it is too cute!

The COLUMBIA ROAD photo book by Johanna Neurath, I got from my cousin Afra a few months ago. Columbia Road is the home to London's most iconic flower market. Come closing time, Johanna turns her lens to what is left behind; the discarded flowers, the used packaging, the buckets of water...

I'm obviously fond of flowers and admire her inspiring way of floral photography.

Good thing is, I will visit London with my son Minne soon and surely will drop by to the flower market (and the fine neighborhoods over there)


  1. I love it !!
    Sunday is the day to go to columbia road. When i was in london, i visited it. It was a sunny day and there was a lot of people everywhere. Great !!!

  2. Gorgeous as always, Ingridd!
    Have a nice day and enjoy London!
    Kisses from Catalonia!

  3. Absolutely, sunday is the only day to go and go early it gets packed! Also worth going to in the area is Redchurch street fantastic shops and food (Mast chocolate and Allpress coffee for starters) as well as Spitalfields market have fun!