Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Welcome to the Instagram account of Villa Augustus in Dordrecht.

I've been working at Villa Augustus since the opening in June 2007 and I've made many, many pictures on my workplace in all those years.

You can find them on my blogposts about Villa Augustus and later on my own @woodwoolstool instamgram account.

I photographed especially during my flower days, but also took photo's of the gardens, the interior, the hotel etcetera, because I really love my place where I work, it's such a special and inspiring place.

Sometimes I thought, hmmm... can I post another #atwork photo on my instagram? (haha)

Some months ago my manager Andrea asked me, if I would be interested to keep up the instagram account for Villa Augustus.

Yes great! Very nice! Awesome!

So since April 6, I am responsible for the official @villa_augustus instagram account, photography and management.

Photography in my workplace with unlimited possibilities to shoot and from now on I can 'legally' post workspace pictures, every day...

It would be nice if you take a look on @villa_augustus and maybe follow the account.
(or come to visit and see how beautiful it is in real life)

1 comment:

  1. Wat super leuk om op nog meer plekken van jouw mooie foto's te genieten. Natuurlijk ga ik okk dit account volgen!
    Veel plezier en inspiratie!