Tuesday, May 31, 2011

barcelona - cosas especiales

Even after celebrating Henk's birthday no less than four days, we actually did not want to go home and got homesick on the way to the airport.

We've enjoyed the delicious food (mostly tapas) consumed at Orio (El Gòtic), Golfo de Bizkaia (El Born), La Botiga (Eixample), Teresa-Carles (Raval) and several times at Bar Lobo (Raval).

We've enjoyed everything that came our way during the long walks through the city, towards the Macba, Casa Mila, La Sagrada Familia, Olympic Stadium and Barceloneta beach.

All districts have their own atmosphere and everywhere there's something to discover.

At the end of the afternoon just lazing on the beach for a few hours.

On our way back to the Praktik Rambla hotel, at some sidewalk cafe with a drink, we often were daydreaming about living in this vibrant city.

I mean, where in the world, you're walking on Gaudí pavement?


  1. Hola. Me alegra mucho que te haya gustado Barcelona. Sus barrios, monumentos, la comida......
    Un saludo.
    Susana de Barcelona.

  2. barcelona stond al hoog op mijn lijstje, maar nu helemaal :-) heel mooi!

  3. One of my favourite cities in the world - no wonder you didn't want to leave my lovely, I totally understand - the same thing happened to me.

    Julia x

  4. Maybe it happens to you the same thing that comes to me every time I visit Amsterdam. I fall in love with the town again and again.
    I'm pretty sure if I wasn't living in Barcelona I would be near a canal in Amsterdam.