Saturday, June 4, 2011

juffrouw van zanten & de 7 rovers

Today we visited the book launch at the Walhalla theater.
Dorine de Vos, illustrated this wonderful children's picture book.

It's called; "Miss van Zanten and the seven robbers" and is written by Mathilde Stein. A funny story and there is much to see. You have to read it at least several times to see all details.

Tonight I read Pippa in the garden (that was long ago!) and we have both enjoyed it so much.

Long before I was a mother I had an addiction regarding children's books.
(with growing children that reduces)

Fortunately today we had a good reason to add this 'educational' and colorful picture book to the collection. Signed most delicious by the illustrator herself!

Here you can find more about the book and check out the interview with Dorine de Vos!


  1. Dat boek ziet er leuk 't iets voor die kleintjes van mij?...ik lees héél graag voor met ietwat aangedikt inlevingsvermogen ;-)

    fijn weekend.

  2. oooo
    we heart Walhalla
    we heart de illustraties van Dorine de Vos
    we heart Rovers

    Je snapt dit boek mag niet ontbreken in de collectie van onze eigen bovenbeste Rover!
    We gaan op zoek

  3. de kaft is als de vrolijke frisse stijl van haar werk voor augustus (waar ik zo val). ik wil het van binnen zien!

    he en leuk jullie voorlees moment!

  4. hallo ingrid! how are you?

    dorine vos is my favorite artist. i want to meet her someday..!

    btw, look at "Small Dutch Fair" in Tokyo!

    "CORANDA" is(in English)


    "CORANDA" is(in English)