Tuesday, April 10, 2012

le jardin - green oasis in the souk

Strolling through the souk, we were surprised by the fresh and elegant restaurant Le Jardin.

The young and charming owner Kamal Laftimi recently opened his third hotspot in the souk, after 'café des éspices' and 'terrasse des éspices'
Le Jardin is a green oasis in the souk. The interior is decorated by Anne Favier and the use of all shades of green is exciting.
We enjoyed a delicious lunch.
Kamal was riding on his bike through the courtyard and came to our table for a cozy chat.
The charismatic young man who grew up in Marrakech has the guts to start something else in the souk.

Côté Sud magazine was present at that moment for a photo shoot and we also did our petit photo shoot. The roof terrace has a wonderful view on the yard and beautiful murals. There are straw hats with crochet (talking about professional deformation) for everyone, in case the sun gets too hot.


  1. Lovely Blog and beautiful photos

  2. wow, wat een kleurexplosie. het is daar zo anders als hier...hier vooral veel wit in de gebouwen en goud en bling bling in de souks, het is natuurlijk ook heel ver weg

  3. Wat een mooie foto's allemaal, Marokko stond al op mijn lijstje maar nu helemaal. Wat een mooie kleuren en tegels en gebouwen.........

  4. This opened about 2 months after we visited, so we missed out! Café des éspices was my favourite!