Saturday, May 18, 2013

wood & white

shade lace basketgarden poemshady lace parasollaundry racklight & stoneswatering can20 degrees celsiusbottlessurprising

This week we suddenly had a few hours of sunshine in the garden.
I dropped everything and quit what I was working on to go outside and enjoy this moment in the garden. With the sun around the garden looks so summery.
The whites get even whiter and the shadows are stunning. The shadylace parasol remained closed, nonetheless the tiny basket made a nice 'shady lace' effect on the fence.

PS: Can we get back the sunshine, please?!


  1. Prachtige foto's. Ik word er blij van!

  2. fototoestel in de aanslag, morgen gaat ie weer schijnen...zeggen ze ;)
    mooie collage!