Thursday, October 2, 2014

publication mollie makes home

chambre à couchermarrakech april 2014el limónmollie makes home publication

Pleasantly surprised with the Mollie Makes Home magazine, when I found 'his side of the bed' and 'moi' between the brightly colored moroccan wool on the cover!

A while ago I was invited for 'tea & a chat' with Mollie makes Home. You can read the interview with me from page 100, a surprising question & answer by Caroline Rowland.

In the same issue there's also the photo of our lemon rug in the Inspiration section (page 124). 'And who says a gorgeous rug has to stay on the floor? Be innovative! Be a rule-breaker.'

When I'm back from my Cool Crochet Workshop in Marrakech, there will be a Mollie Makes Home give-away on my blog.


  1. Your house is so inspiring and full of colour. It's so nice that it's on Mollie Makes Home, congratulations!

  2. Congratulations!!! Your home looks so lovely, and I really like the picture of you with all the skeins of yarn!! xx

  3. Félicitations pour tout vraiment super, mais j'habite en France et pourriez vous me dire ou je peux acheter la publication Molie home que l'on voit sur le Blog
    Merci, si vous pouvez me donner le No° du magasine merci et encore Bravo