Tuesday, November 25, 2014

see you on sunday

wood & wool winterfair trees

The Y V E S T O W N * W I N T E R F A I R is approaching!

Here's one of the many new wooden x-mas trees I've made for the winterfair.
A green and eco-friendly Christmas tree, that will last for years!

Hope to see you on Sunday the 30th of November in Yvestowns garden in Lommel, Belgium.

Save the date and come to enjoy the cosy winter market full of stunning stalls and lovely folks!


  1. Veel plezier! Wordt vast een heel gezellige dag!!
    Mam komt wel langs en heb haar al een wens doorgegeven ;)
    liefs, Marieke

  2. Hi Ingrid, I luv your projects - all the best for you. And many thanxs your writing in English ;-). I´m a bit unhappy that I can´t visit the winterfair in Belgium - it´s too far :-)
    Sabine from Worms in Germany