Saturday, November 8, 2014

tree of the day meets stella

wood & wool x-mas tree meets mini stella

My sweet friend Rosa and I have been 'working' at the canteen table in our kitchen yesterday.

We tend to have very inspirational & lovely fridays together and at the moment we are both busy making trees and dolls for the upcoming Yvestown Winter Fair.

Rosa designed a super cute mini Stella! By chance we discovered it appears to be a wonderful combination with my x-mas tree.

Hope to meet you at the magical Winterfair in Lommel on Sunday, Noverber 30.

A sneak-preview of mini Stella for now and you will soon find her amongst the other Stella dolls in Rosa's Etsy Shop.

The traditional wooden trees you can see in my X-MAS SHOP.
Just can't believe it's already the 8th anniversary of the wood & wool x-mas tree.