Wednesday, March 9, 2016

coconut & cover project

new projects on the bench wood & wool harlequin cover

Two new projects on the bench. (and a basket full next to it)

Beyond the recent city trips, there is always a crochet project on the hook.

At the moment I'm working on a new harlequin pillow cover, with merino wool that I bought in Antwerp a few months ago. (actually for a warm beanie, whatever winter season is over)

The other project is a coconut palm.

My dear husband came home with this coconut palm last week, apparently he has been infected with the plant virus too. The coconut palm needs loads of sunshine, so I hope it will survive indoors the next few weeks, until it is warm enough to move it to the backyard. No complaints about the sunlight so far...


  1. the cool crochet basket ;-)
    do you bring a crochet project with you when you travel ?

    1. Oui oui Angéline! When I travel for more than a few days i tend to bring yarn&hook, last week in Londen i didn't. I'm almost sure you do! ;-) Xx

  2. Love your harlequin covers