Sunday, February 28, 2010

gooD mooD

gooD mooD, originally uploaded by wood & wool stool.

It is quite an honour being a guest in her weekly 'friday with an illustration' blog Nitinha. Artist, painter and interior designer Anita Damas of gooD mooD factory has made an illustration of me and my work and this masterpiece certainly brought me in a very good mood.

The details of this piece of art are striking and stunning; my Kronan bike and stools are very similar. Even the way I put my feet are so me and I love the dress with Villa Augustus logo and will suggest the design as a new spring outfit!

I know Anita for a while and we actually met through Flickr and I became a fan of her work and photography. She lives with her family in Brasil and her little boy Ivo is so adorable!

I'm touched by this gift of a friend I have never actually met and lives on the other side of the world. Gracias Anita!


  1. Greetings from snowy Pennsylvania,USA...such a special gift to always treasure. Emily Valli

  2. wow! how cool is that! :-)

  3. It's really you!! I love the little details like the stool in the Kronan and your wavy hair.

  4. A really, really GOOD, GOOD day for you!!
    Wat mooi zeg en vooral, hoe bijzonder...

  5. Hee!
    Dank voor de reactie op mijn weblog: de hangers zijn inderdaad meer dan goed gelukt. Dus dat idee blijkt van jou te zijn (zo diep had ik me nog niet in de 'nieuwe' stapel 101's verdiept... *schaam*)! Petje af!
    Mijn moeder komt ook geregeld met gehaakte knuffels voor mijn zoon aanzetten - ik heb nooit geweten dat ze kan haken, ze blaast me iedere keer weer omver.

  6. Hi Ingrid,
    You surprise me again:) I can not believe seeing my illustration in your hands, so beautifully framed. I feel great knowing how much you like it and how much attention you have put on it. Such a big pleasure! We do not know each other personally but now, knowing you going to hang it in your lovely living room I feel I am there and you are not going to forget me for sure. Thanks for all my Dutch friend.Beijos...

  7. we got the same look good my dear