Tuesday, February 23, 2010

wood & wool wedding stool

Lately I have had various romantic orders from customers. Alan ordered a valentine stool and namesake Ingrid ordered a complete collection with ♥ garland.

The most original custom made order came from New York; Liz asked me if I could make a stool with a very personal touch as a wedding gift. She told me that her friend Jen discovered my work through Poppytolk.

Liz suggested the romantic idea, to carve the wedding date of Jen & Dan in one of the stool legs and asked me if that was possible.

A few weeks before Christmas, Kaylovesvintage offered me a Dremel Stylus multitool, that she didn't use herself and that I might use for my wooden business... How kind of her to think of me and so I sent her a little handmade x-mas tree. At that time I didn't have the slightest idea this thing was a good swap.

So I carved the wedding date in the little orange crossbar of the stool and the tool from Kay was very helpful. First I practised some carving on a piece of wood and soon I found out it was fun! (and no I am not mistaken in the date, for it is a belated wedding gift). This kind of tool is a little 'dangerous' because I can't stop figuring out what I can carve next...

This morning Liz told me the wedding stool is delivered in New York and Jen & Dan love their present!


  1. Ingrid, we absolutely love the stool! I was speechless when I opened up the box — your stools have been on my mind ever since I discovered your work. And the wedding date carved in the leg is such a sweet detail. I love the colors and pattern of the crochet seat. It's such a treasure to know we'll have this stool with us for our lives no matter what space we call home. I love wedding gifts that are handmade, and this is by far one of our most special gifts. Thank you for all the love you put into the piece! I've been under the weather with a cold, but I'm planning on shooting the stool in its place in our apartment sometime this week and will share it on my blog.

  2. those small details are wonderful!!

  3. @ Jen: How wonderful to hear that you are so happy with the stool and I think it's so sweet of Liz to invent this weddingstool. I've worked with lots of fun on this small project and hope you will enjoy it for a long time and will certainly visit the haystack needle!

  4. This is so beautiful! What a wonderful Wedding present! I felt the same with my staple gun as you did with your carving set. When I first got it - I wanted to staple all sorts of things!

  5. that "s good to hear...love the wedding chairs idea!!!

  6. zo kom je via amsterdam en new york weer in amsterdam? terecht... Je hebt een mooie site! ik ga hem bij mijn linkjes zetten
    groetjes desiree

  7. I love your work Ingrid!
    Just love it :o)
    Greatings from Norway.

  8. sweet presents!!! really like your work! have a nice day...

  9. Nice and funky designs here...with a little touch of colors they look very different innovative and awesome.