Monday, February 1, 2010

2cv in hibernation

my 2cv in hibernation, originally uploaded by wood & wool stool.

This week I will drive my dear old 2 CV to the garage for a thorough inspection. Last summer I still drove a few times a week with my car to Villa Augustus, but it was sometimes quite a hassle to steer the car.

When winter came, I've hardly used the 2 CV and the hibernation has not improved the car's condition.

Some weeks ago, on a beautiful sunny day, I suddenly feel like driving in 'my ugly duckling' (another Dutch nickname). The car needed to be pushed by a few family members and neighbors to start and after a few laps in the parking lot, just drove merrily around.

The wheel is still not very flexible and there's a hole in the canvas roof that must be repaired. I hope that not too many mechanical problems arise during the inspection and I can continue touring around in my car. It's such a pleasure!


  1. Long live to your "deudeuche" (as we nickname it in france) !

  2. I looove 2CVs... I wish I had one..a red one!

  3. Too cute! Hope it is soon well and up to speed again!!!

  4. LOVE 2CVs!
    loool - mein Auto gleicht dem anderen!

  5. My very first car (a Morris Major which I shared with my sister) was just like yours, a car to love! Hope it is well soon

  6. Ah, poor ugly duckling... (that does look beautiful under that thick layer of snow by the way) Well, the 2CV to me seems an essential part of you, so I hope they're going to fix it for you!

  7. :)
    my DH has a white one (we're french) but for now it 's stuck for reparation under the shelter... hopefully we'll be able to go to the beach in it this summer

  8. jaren een eend (en ami) gereden (genetisch belast ;-)) tot de kindjes kwamen. eigenlijk is een eend juist zo fijn met gezellig stel kindjes op de achterbank!

    ...herinner me onze laatste eend. op het laatst moest je hem af en toe een slag met een zwaar voorwerp op de startmotor geven om bij de supermarkt weg te geraken.