Wednesday, November 6, 2013

all about flowers

Some weeks ago I met Tessa Triesscheijn at Villa Augustus. Tessa is Conversation Manager at and we had a nice conversation about my job and weekly flowerdays at Villa Augustus.

You can read the interview here.

During the interview we walked through the beautiful gardens of Villa Augustus, where we pick flowers from May to October. This year was the best flower year, since Villa Augustus opened in 2007. Never before we picked so many flowers from the garden.
The Zinnias were my favorite flowers this season.

[images: Tessa Triesscheijn]


  1. Each time I see a window opened on Villa Augustus garden, I dream to come and stay some days... just to walk, smell, look around, draw, take pictures, have a coffee, or dream in one of the beautifull bedroom.
    Well, I promise me to try to come next year with my lover.