Sunday, November 10, 2013

and the knitter is...

i am (sometimes) a knitterwe are knitters - beanie kit

The lucky knitter of the we are knitters™ give away is Cinciarella.
I will send the brown beanie knitting kit to you as soon as I have your address details.
Please send them to;

Enjoy knitting you beanie! It would be fun if you send me a photo of you wearing the beanie, near upon...

Thanks everyone for joining this give away! Of course you can always order a knitting kit when you feel like knitting.

I've seen so many cool knitting kits and I'm planning to make a riverside vest or nolita sweater for myself.

I am (sometimes) a knitter too...


  1. Today is a beautiful day and I'm super happy to have been lucky enough to win this among 106 aspiring winners. I'll do my best to prepare the hat with your kit and I'll send you a picture of it as soon as possible. Thanks a lot and good luck with your beautiful products. I wish you ever more success than the one you already have.

    1. Hi Cinciarella, congratulations and good luck knitting that cool brown beanie. I will send the knitting kit to Italy right away! Ciao, Ingrid

  2. Congratulations Cinciarella, what a beautiful name!

  3. Yay here is the brown beanie (& mittens) that Cinciarella made!