Monday, November 4, 2013

peep toes & peep fingers

wood & wool wearwood & wool wearwood & wool wearwood & wool wear

Although we planned to walk into the woods yesterday, we didn't feel like going anywhere.
Due to bad weather we decided to stay at home and take a few autumnal pictures of the newly created fingeless mittens in our frontyard. I assumed my feet would stay out of sight, so I went outside in my non autumnal "sitting shoes" for a quick shoot and didn't put on my boots.

I had to laugh when I found out my feet are visible in some of the pictures. Actually the [peep toes & peep fingers] effect is kind of funny.

Thanks for your nice comments on the wee mittens on my blog and Instagram.
After three orders in one day (even one from New Zealand) I can't guarantee the shipping term of 3-5 days, but of course I'll do my utmost!


  1. I made a pair for myself last year and due to the great success with my friends, I decided that this will be my Christmas gift..a pair for each one!

  2. Great: The mittens ....and the feet ;-))
    I love your blog and often visit it.

  3. Grappig gezicht!
    Geweldig trouwens dat jij van die mooie 'sitting shoes' draagt in huis... ik loop eigenlijk altijd op blote voeten of sokken binnen. Misschien moet ik dat ook maar eens invoeren om al mijn mooie verwaarloosde paren hakken nog eens een tweede leven te geven ;).

  4. Om eerlijk te zijn draag ik ze ook (te) weinig, maar op deze druilerige zondag op de bank was het goed te doen. De hakken wachten hier ook geduldig hun beurt af en komen er in vergelijking met de sneakers en laarzen, bekaaid vanaf ;)