Monday, January 4, 2016

back to normal

stairway bright & white

The first regular week in the new year.
Honestly, I like everything is back to normal.

I'm full of ideas and have lots of plans for 2016. Plenty of new plans for the interior, garden and trips. How about you?


  1. I'll try weaving today Let's see what turns out! ;)

  2. Love your home, Ingrid!
    Kisses and a big hug from Catalonia!

  3. i move next summer, for the moment i put parts of my life in boxes.... i'm back from paris, next trip ? I don't know but it would be find to go again to marrakech ;-D

  4. Same with me! Happy New Year, Ingrid!

  5. Oh yes, such a relief!
    In 2016 I want to work on my new website, travel a lot {Marrakech, yay!}, improve the yarn shop and maybe lose some weight ;)

  6. Very difficult for me to be so responsible after weeks of carefree holiday-ing on the South African coast.... We had perfect beach weather and were mostly outside, enjoying the sun and sand. Now kids have started school, it's back to work, exercising, eating right...