Saturday, January 9, 2016

small shells paradise

summer shells summer shells portugal 2015 portugal 2015 portugal 2015

Shells from the best souvenir shop we have ever visited, last summer in Portugal.

Imagine a shop full of shells, rocks and fossils. The owner was an old hippy who made the chains and mobiles himself. His shop was great, classic music in the background and special paintings on the wall (not for sale). He looked very happy and was so proud of his shop and showed us his bedroom on the mezzanine of the building, very romantic and totally zen.


  1. So beautiful! Once more, a portuguese place ;)

  2. Love the mobile Great shop!

  3. Wat een ongelofelijk mooie winkel. Je zou er zo voor naar Portugal willen vliegen... liefs, Marieke

  4. Mooie foto's van deze bijzondere en mooie winkel. Zo'n plek waar je lang rond kan snuffelen.