Saturday, September 1, 2018

extend of summer

marrakech may 2017 cool crochet workshop marrakech october 2016 marrakech april 2018 marrakech october 2017

It is September already. Summer of 2018 does fly by way too fast!

The good thing is, the summer feeling will continue in Marrakech in October.

In exactly one month from now, I will fly to Marrakech again to give two workshops;
First we will kick off with the 10th Cool Crochet workshop and a few days later the 4th Green Gardens workshop starts.

Both workshops are fully booked and I can't wait to meet all the new attendees and see old friends again.

See you soon Aimee, Angeline, Annie, Donna, Elaine, Elvire, Gunver, Helle, Ine, Inge, Jean, Jeanette, Jen, Judith, Karine, Kendall, Kirsten, Lisa, Marie, Martina, Willemijn, Yvon and all the lovely folks from Chambres d'Amis!

One thing is sure; we have put together a great program for you all, to show you Marrakech in an alternative, surprising and authentic way.

October is slowly coming closer and I'm counting down the days of September.

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