Monday, February 3, 2020

the ever-changing cupboard circle

cupboard change circle cupboard change circle cupboard change circle cupboard change circle golden gun vase golden gun vase

The ever-changing cupboard circle in our house.

A number of cupboards will soon leave my studio when Pippa gets her new home.
The cupboards in my atelier are originally Pippa's closets, so I knew I could use them only 'temporarily'.
They are stuffed with wool, books and handicrafts, so a new storage place has to be created.

Since we have enough furniture and I strongly support reuse, we cleared out the tall old wooden hall cupboard.
But hey, where do you put the things that are inside? Vases, paperwork etc...
As a flower lover I naturally have many vases. So the 'less beautiful' ones moved to the storage shed and Pippa is happy with my golden gun vase for her new home.

Next I emptied the steel circle cupboard in the living room (mainly wool inside) and that's the new vase cupboard.

Conclusion; in my studio it's a mess at the moment, it's rather a storage place, with even more wool and furniture waiting for their new spot.

Nonetheless, the 'vase collection' looks pretty behind the round windows of the cupboard.

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