Sunday, March 14, 2010

chickens & stools

chickens & stools, originally uploaded by wood & wool stool.

Last week I have been working on a new project for a customer; a "pied de stalle". It was a bit of calculating and drawing, but actually the same concept as the normal wood & wool stool. The pied de stalle is obviously meant as a table for a large vase of flowers or a plant. The top exceptionally is made of colored recycled wood instead of the traditional crochet cover. The object has ultimately become two times as high as the regular stool. It turned out quite pretty and I wish I could keep it myself.

For a photo shoot of nine new stools and the pied de stalle we drove with the 2CV (yes, it's being repaired again!) to a large wooden barn of a fruit farm in the neighborhood. During unloading the stools, some curious chickens came to take a closer look to what was happening on their farmyard. The fruit farmer himself even sprinkled some bread to keep the spontaneous models on the set. It was really fun and a big cackling.

You can soon admire the pied de stalle in cafe restaurant Usine. Usine is located in the icon of Eindhoven, the Lighthouse, the former Philips lamp factory. This magnificent building was built in 1919.


  1. Beautiful picture Ingrid!!!
    And so fun,

  2. Wow, a beautiful new design! And what a cool photoshoot!
    I've seen some images of Usine and it looks like a great place. How nice to have one of your designs there!

  3. This photo is absolutely priceless.

  4. geweldige publiciteits foto dit, de kippen passen helemaal bij de krukjes ;)
    Leuk dat ze in Usine komen, geweldige naam trouwens, al is deze nog zo voorspelbaar ;)

    Ik zag laatst de appartementen in dat gebouw op TV erg mooi en loft achtig!

  5. what a great photo! Those chickens are gorgeous, and also the stools and table of course!!

  6. Kwam hier speciaal om te zeggen dat ik de kippen zo goed met de krukjes vind samengaan, en dat je me er aan hebt herinnert om Eindhoven eens te gaan verkennen, maar ik ben niet de enige geloof ik!

  7. just love your are amazing...this year i need one, too...really...must to talk to you the next few weeks...a lovley week...cheers and a big hug...ines

  8. just found your site and I am blown away! Seriously drooling over all your beautiful designs.. amazing!! I wish I was a bit closer to the Netherlands! xoxo

  9. Wish I had a big house and houndreds of your stools in it, love!

  10. It would be amazing to have a whole family of Ingrid's stools.
    They're so amazing.

    Every home should have one...or 12!

    Samuel Sparrow

  11. Lovely photo. The colors are gorgeous.