Thursday, March 18, 2010

nina's wedding dress hanger

Lately I'm a little in the atmosphere of weddings, at least it seems so.

First I made the wedding present for Jen & Dan and a few weeks ago Nina asked me, if I could make her a colored wood & wool hanger for her wedding dress. Yay, sure! I'm always up for some romance. She send me the color scheme of their wedding and this is the result.

For clarity, it's not Nina's wedding dress, but I've taken this photo to send along with the message for Nina to let her know her custom order was ready. She replied within a few seconds and she was so happy with her hanger and so excited about it! She just could not keep this a secret untill September and shared her bursting excitement immediately with the readers of her blog with a little sneak peak.

I'm looking forward to Nina & Simon's wedding and till than I will follow their wedding plans on naturally nina.


  1. The hanger looks beautiful - I love the colours you've used, and the photo's gorgeous, as always!

  2. beautiful! i am always totally in awe of your creations! i wish i could make such colorful things too! all i can do are hats and scarves!!! xoxo

  3. It's beautiful! Congrats to my fellow Nina! ;)

  4. So sweet...
    Emily from Pennsylvania,USA

  5. My grandmother used to knit such covers.
    Very nice. :o)

  6. Hanger is also awesome like dress or dress is also awesome like hanger, i am getting confuse, fabulous work, i would love to have the same dress for my wedding.