Monday, May 19, 2014

sitting pretty

publication homespunsitting pretty

Publication HOMESPUN issue may 2014

"Yes, we all know the charm of country-style distressed paintwork on recycled timbers, but topping it all with a rainbow of crochet is something different - and completely charming. Ingrid Jansen is the mother of this lovely invention and she sells her stools through her Etsy store ( She's based in the Netherlands, but she's happy to ship to Australia. Her blog is Wood & Wool Stool,


  1. Je viens de visiter ton blog, je me suis attiré par tes idées, tes créations, tes voyages et surtout ton voyage à Marrakech vraiment tu ma fait rêver de cette ville surtout de son thème artisanat. j'aime bine être ton amie crocheteur du Maroc. voilà mon blog:
    à bientôt