Wednesday, May 14, 2014

seeds signs

wood & word sign [seeds]seed signsseed signsseed sign

We have been busy in the backyard lately, which means we have a brandnew lawn and more space for a flower garden.

I've sown lots of flower seeds on the sunny side of the garden yesterday. This year I picked Cosmos (pink, white and orange), Zinnias (multicolored, striped and large) and Tagates (African Marigold) and I've made some wooden seeds signs to mark their spot.

The Hollyhocks and Lathyrus have survived the mild winter and are growing fast, the Sweet Peas are already blooming.

Well the sun is shining today, which is of course a good circumstance for growing flower seeds.

Fingers crossed for a beautiful colorful flower field and sunny summer!


  1. my fingers are crossed...sunny greetings from Germany, geisslein

  2. Gaaf die wooden signs erbij! En nu maar hopen dat er wat op komt! hihi
    Liefs Lisanne
    draad en praat...

  3. Misschien een opmerking "naast de kwestie", maar wat een leuke kast !!

  4. it will be beautiful and colorful garden. I've sown Cosmos too :)
    greetings fro rainy Poland

  5. I wish I could pass by and help you with in Dubai we have to fight the Sun! :-) Good luck with the project!

  6. African marigolds is also known as Afrikanertjies in South Africa. The make so many seeds and grow in abundance. Its great for plating in veggie patches too as it keeps pests away. Cosmos grow in the wild in SA and it is so pretty to be driving for many kilometers, being surrounded by pink and white flowers. Enjoy your summer!