Thursday, May 29, 2014

spinning around

another pillow projectanother pillow projectanother pillow projectanother pillow project

It sometimes occures I'm starting a crochet project without knowing what it's gonna be.

I like that stage, it's only the beginning of 'something' and still can become anything.
This 'project' is an example of starting something.

After making lots of square and oblong objects, i felt like making something round again.
So I'm crochetting, making rounds and rounds and rounds and rounds and rounds and I suddenly had a cute curtain for the round window in my vintage cupboard.
No, that's not it! Or perhaps a bottom for a bag?

For a while it was just nothing again, simply making lovely colorful round stripes on the garden bench.
I went on spinning around and came to the conclusion it will be just another pillow project after all.
We don't have a round pillow in the house yet, so it's about time...
The sunny stripes also would look great on the garden bench I guess.


  1. Super leuk! groetjes Lisanne
    draad en praat...

  2. It looks amazing! I can't wait to see it on your white wooden bench:))

  3. It's lovely! I adore your pillows, today I'm going to try and make a harlequin cushion- your colours and shapes are so inspiring!

  4. I love your choice of colours and anything in the round will always steal my heart. You could also line it in a funky fabric, fold it in half, add a zip and voila, a half-moon clutch bag!