Saturday, March 8, 2014

white wooden sixties bench

white wooden bench

Scandinavian Saturday afternoon in the sunshine (garden doors open...)

White wooden bench: remake Scandinavian sixties bench by Fashion for Home
Harlequin blanket: handmade by me, you can make your own with this harlequin pattern.
Yellow vase: Villa Augustus market
Awesome cook book: New York, les recettes culte by Marc Grossman
Small yellow book: Paris vs New York book
Tulips: pink lingerie fringed tulips
Mug: monogram mug from Anthropologie
Carrot cake: homemade with recipe from the New York cook book (page 190)


  1. This sounds like a perfect afternoon - Scandinavia, Paris, New York not to mention the mug and cake! The throw looks super on that bench!

  2. This is such a beautiful piece. Would absolutely love to have it too!! great photos x

  3. Mooi weer! Ik bedoel, ja het is ook mooi weer, maar ook dat het mooi is, alweer ;-)