Wednesday, March 18, 2015


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The strange thing about my love for green is, I'm crazy about flowers and am not too fond of plants.

The temporary beauty of a bunch of flowers on the table, you can enjoy them for a week and then it's done, away with it on to the next.
Houseplants however, are just standing there and it makes me 'nervous' eventually.
Although I love plants in the garden, also houseplants.
So yesterday, when I bought a new bunch of flowers I couldn't resist this plant and decided to adopt it, for the time being in the house and maybe within a few weeks it can move to the garden...

Green touches everyone and everything, especially this time of the year.


  1. Ik vind hem prachtig! Haal je hem dan wel in de winter weer naar binnen ;-)
    P.S. Die stippen op jullie muur... GEWELDIG!

  2. Grappig, ik heb precies hetzelfde:)