Friday, March 13, 2015

seams obvious

publication homespunpublication homespunsleeping on the couch - 'happiness'

Pippa in Homespun, an Australian crafts magazine.

The photo of my s l e e p i n g - b e a u t y I took in november 2011, when she was napping on the couch because she wasn't feeling too well.

Both the photo and the blog post have become very popular and are still frequently viewed every day.

The blanket we found in a second-hand shop in Antwerp is world famous now.

Publication Homespun No.142 issue March 2015 - page 17:

'SEAMS OBVIOUS! Ingrid Jansen, from WoodWoolStool, didn't make this brilliant patchwork knit blanket; she said it was a "lucky find in a second-hand shop in Antwerp". We love it too, with it's cosy, comforting feel that mixes up any number of uncoordinating knitted squares and highlights the seams to exaggerate the naive feel. There are lots of visual treats on Ingrid site; go to or shop for her wares on'


  1. Prachtige foto! En super dat hij de hele wereld over gaat!! Liefs Lisanne

  2. Ik volg je blog nu een poosje want je maakt mooie foto's die altijd minstens een glimlach op mijn gezicht toveren. Maar wat me nu meteen opviel was het ontbijtbordje, uit Spakenburg!! Ik herkende de dracht direct want de familie van mijn man komt er vandaan. Leuk bordje dus....!! ;-)
    Groetjes uit Zeeland, Madhurya

  3. Can you please post more photos of blanket? I would love to make one!

    1. Hi! you can find more pictures on my blog, for example here and here :)