Sunday, October 25, 2009

the 'housemartin family' property

property in gent, originally uploaded by wood & wool stool.

Yesterday we went to Gent to visit the shop owner Dicky of Huiszwaluw. This summer Dicky moved to a wonderful and huge old house in the historical center of Gent. The place where she lives with her lovely family is so great! The house consists of four floors, with extremely high ceilings and a gigantic staircase starting in the wide long hallway, with original tiled floor. Although the old and neglected property has changed into a cozy and colorful home, there's still much work to do. Nevertheless Dicky invited us to dinner and we had a delicious meal cooked in the AGA cooker by her husband Iman, in the huge unfinished but atmospheric kitchen. We were deeply impressed! Dicky knows it's a unique opportunity to buy a house like this near her lovely shop and enjoys it despite the mess of the renovation of the property. Even the tree colored with autumn berries in front of the house is perfect.


  1. What a gorgeous place. Last year I spent a few memorable hours in Gent! Would love to go back there again.

  2. Ik kom hier terecht via Camilla Engman. En ik herkende jouw stoeltje direct. Jawel, gezien bij de Huiszwaluw. Prachtige winkel. Ontzettend lieve vrouw. En schattige kinderen.
    Inspirerende blog trouwens.