Wednesday, October 27, 2010

woody & wool stool

woody & wool stool, originally uploaded by wood & wool stool.

A new limited edition design. The wood & wool stool xs.

The cover is made of colored pieces of wool knotted together, like the wood & wool hangers. The mint green stool is a little smaller than the usual stool.

I call it Woody.

Since this week another supermarket campaign started. After shopping I got a free wrapped Toy and was hoping it would be Woody. In the car I unwrapped the paper and felt like a little child. Yes, I got WOODY!

Friday, October 22, 2010

photo opportunity

photo opportunity, originally uploaded by wood & wool stool.

Yesterday I walked into the hallway and saw this.
The morning sunlight, the gladiolus at its best and my coat and new handmade scarf on a pile.
Quite trivial maybe, but the still life was too good to not capture.
A photo opportunity.

Monday, October 18, 2010

off to see the world

off to see the world, originally uploaded by wood & wool stool.

Pippa has just helped me to choose 3 winners of the ‘ wood & word sign Pink Ribbon supporting give away’.
Here they are in random order:

[de rotbende]
[perfectly peachy]
[wood if I could]

We both agreed Orange Farmhouse should have two signs
[digger] and [orange farmhouse]

Please send your address to and the signs will be send to you straightaway.

Last week I received an awesome 2cv from Annabelle of Three Red Apples!

The car appliqued and freehand embroidered is a classic French Citroën 2CV. It’s fully loaded with suitcases on the roof ready to cross borders and explore.

The body of the car is made from a blue pattern printed in the heart of the Welsh countryside and appliqued onto natural Irish linen. The suitcases are made from various recycled and new fabrics.

Absolutely love the 2cv with the upper suitcase in my favorite color orange! I have not yet found the right parking place, so until then my brandnew ducky is parked on the stairs.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

more wood & word signs

more wood & word signs, originally uploaded by wood & wool stool.

Oh, the sweetest and funniest "wood & word sign" requests I have found in my mailbox this week.

A lady from Germany ordered even 3 signs at once to surprise her husband on their wedding day. How romantic!

A shop ordered a [we are open] sign. The back of the sign I stamped with; [sorry, we are closed]

This is fun, fun, fun and offers endless possibilities.

The 3 most original entries get a free "wood & word sign".
To support Pink Ribbon I will donate the money of the signs.
You can join until next Sunday.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

wood & word sign

wood & word sign, originally uploaded by wood & wool stool.

In most cases my handmade stools get a personal touch, by stamping the name of the new owner on the bottom of the seat frame. Everyone is reacting excited about this addition.

Sometimes I label a piece of recycled wood with a personal text or message to send it along with the chairs.
Because of the nice comments and the surprising success @ the Woonbeurs, it seems a good idea that everyone can order a favorite text.

The recycled wooden label is from now on called a WOOD & WORD SIGN.
You can order your own custom made ‘wood & word sign’ with whatever text.
(keep the text short, otherwise it does not fit on the sign)

Imagine almost anything is possible;
[your name] [just a word] [a message for your lover] [love] [something stupid] [something funny] [your life motto]

Use it as a 'postcard' and it will be sent to the address you want.

The price for a sign is € 10 including shipping costs for the Netherlands and Europe. (shipping costs at any other country will be € 2,50 extra).

Monday, October 4, 2010

indian summer

fly agaric, originally uploaded by wood & wool stool.

a walk in the woods
signs of autumn everywhere
lakes where it is forbidden to swim or swim naked
in short:
Indian Summer

(l'été indien by Joe Dassin used to be my favorite childhood swoon ballad of the album 'vive la france')

Friday, October 1, 2010

hemma haakcursus

hemma haakcursus, originally uploaded by wood & wool stool.

Yvonne and I are hosting a crochet course for beginners in our studio in Den Bosch.

You can read all about it (in Dutch) on our joint website/blog Hemma.