Thursday, October 7, 2010

wood & word sign

wood & word sign, originally uploaded by wood & wool stool.

In most cases my handmade stools get a personal touch, by stamping the name of the new owner on the bottom of the seat frame. Everyone is reacting excited about this addition.

Sometimes I label a piece of recycled wood with a personal text or message to send it along with the chairs.
Because of the nice comments and the surprising success @ the Woonbeurs, it seems a good idea that everyone can order a favorite text.

The recycled wooden label is from now on called a WOOD & WORD SIGN.
You can order your own custom made ‘wood & word sign’ with whatever text.
(keep the text short, otherwise it does not fit on the sign)

Imagine almost anything is possible;
[your name] [just a word] [a message for your lover] [love] [something stupid] [something funny] [your life motto]

Use it as a 'postcard' and it will be sent to the address you want.

The price for a sign is € 10 including shipping costs for the Netherlands and Europe. (shipping costs at any other country will be € 2,50 extra).


  1. Such a lovely idea - love the personal touch that you give to your hand work!

    Welgedaan. Groete Carina x

  2. Another great idea! And oh... you always have the most beautiful scraps of wood!

  3. oh maar ingrid ik wil deze foto als poster!

  4. Great idea and wonderful with personal touch by crochet and label!

  5. Such a good idea! I'm keeping you in mind for Christmas gifts.

  6. brilliantly beautiful as always ingrid!
    gosh i am thinking 'peachy perfect' would be most lovely indeed :)

  7. Love your ideas Ingrid, just have to decide which words to order!

    I wrote about you here...

  8. Love these!!! You are a very creative soul :)