Thursday, June 18, 2020

his side

waking up in 2020 waking up in 2020 waking up in 2020 waking up in 2020 waking up in 2020 waking up in 2020

Waking up in 2020.

The first thing i often think when i wake up is, i was hoping 'it' was all a bad dream...

I don't get used to this weird year 2020.

We try to make the best of it every day and can only wait and see.
Sometimes I just want to sleep and wake up in 2021 and start all over again with a clean slate.

However it may be, I still enjoy our new bedroom every single day. The room has a inspiring, soothing eclectic atmosphere and infuses me with fresh ideas.

I've got quiet a few comments, that I never showed 'his side of the bed', when we moved into our new bedroom. We both secretly chose our side of the bed.

You know my side of the bed, with the componibili design classic by Kartell and the vintage toucan lamp.

Well finally here some pictures from Henk's side, haha...

He chose a cobalt blue steel round table and a small modern metal table lamp that excels in its simplicity.

All seemingly flow quite nicely together!

The paper storage box is found in Breda and I'm in love with the color and illustration and decided to use it for my 'outfit-prints'.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

dressed identically

checkered woodwoolstool

The prototype (my first woodwoolstool anno 2007) and the latest size cute mini stool, identically dressed.

I've made a new checkered cover for the prototype.

Photographed together for the occasion in front of the painting in our bedroom.

Saturday, June 13, 2020

souk breda

souk breda souk breda souk breda souk breda souk breda souk breda souk breda souk breda dinner in the garden dinner in the garden

Saturday morning by surprise in the souk.

On our city walk in Breda we came across a brand-new place in town by chance, when we walked in the St. Janstreet.

Souk Breda recently opened their doors! Soulimane and Yassine are the young and proud owners, who shared a dream. A unique shop with Mediterranean delicacies and home accessories inspired by Marrakech.

Their dream has come true. You can now experience the moroccan vibes and food at Souk Breda.

We brought some moroccan food and pottery from the souk in Breda and had a delicious dinner in the backyard. Bismillah!

Friday, June 12, 2020


outfit outfit outfit lilac outfit

This week I photographed the favorite pieces from my summer wardrobe.

I made an overview of images per item (tops, bottoms, dresses and jumpsuits) and printed the sheets.

Obviously unnecessary but fun to do... and it reminded me of the dress up paper dolls, which I loved to play with in my childhood.

This flashback gave me the idea to cut out the photos so that I could make all kinds of combinations, without changing clothes.

A handy overview of my summer wardrobe. Practical because I love to travel light.

It makes packing your suitcase a lot easier if you bring as few pieces as possible. You can get the most out of your favorite apparel and change your outfit continuously.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

tuesday blues

tuesday blues tuesday blues tuesday blues tuesday blues

Blue gets along quite well with an abundance of other colors. No matter what hue of blue, blue blends fine with other colors.

Therefore I chose two shades of blue for a new crochet project; turquoise and bright blue, an eye-popping duo for a diagonal striped pillow.

Sunday, June 7, 2020

peony power

peonies peonies peonies

Never underestimate the power of peonies to brighten up the house.

Henk brought home no less than 3 bunches of pale pink peonies from the local Saturday market, to support the market vendors and of course to surprise me ;-)

Flowers do really alter the energy of a space in such a splendid way, despite the grey, gloomily and drizzly weather... (all weekend)

Have a good week y'all!

Friday, June 5, 2020

ahhhh, the weekend

june june june june june

Friday evening. A lovely reason to be lazy.

After a crazy week at work, where things are slowly getting back to 'the new normal' and i don’t expect next week is going to be any less busy.

Today was another rainy day after weeks of sunshine. So nothing wrong with a bit of lazing around in the house, I don't have any plans for the weekend yet.

There’s not too much i like better than a long, hot bath after a long day’s work and I can easily bathe for an hour.

and then perhaps watch a good Spanish movie on TV with a drink. Cheers to the weekend!

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

hamburg - altona & ottensen

hamburg may 2020 hamburg may 2020 hamburg may 2020 hamburg may 2020 hamburg may 2020 hamburg may 2020 hamburg may 2020 hamburg may 2020 hamburg may 2020 hamburg may 2020 hamburg may 2020 hamburg may 2020 hamburg may 2020 hamburg may 2020 hamburg may 2020 hamburg may 2020 hamburg may 2020 hamburg may 2020 hamburg may 2020 hamburg may 2020 hamburg may 2020

Hamburg - 27th of May 2020 - 27737 steps

Today's route took us along the most beautiful places on the Elbe in Altona to the hip, emerging Ottensen.

We started at the harbor and had a breakfast and coffee to go again. We walked to the Fischmarkt, the starting point of the city walk Altona & Ottensen. Along the way you can find a number of good (fish) restaurants, and beautiful viewpoints over the Elbe and from the park at the Altonaer Balkon. The route continues automatically to the Ottensen district.
This former industrial district has a cozy and artistic atmosphere. The old brick factories have been transformed into cinemas, market halls and workshops. You will meet many locals here. It feels more like you are walking in a village and not just another district of Hamburg.

We had coffee & rhubarb pie on the organic local market on the Spritzenplatz.

We walked for an hour through the cozy streets in Ottensen and enjoyed the sun before we had a spontaneous lunch date at Focacceria Bonassola with Ine, who once accompanied me to Marrakech. It was super nice to catch up with Ine again and without her we would never have been ended up in this authentic retro-located restaurant, with Sicilian chef. We had the most delicious pasta with asparagus!

We had a rest and drink at Karo Beach, a zero waste beach club in near the hideous Flakturm IV bunker.

On the way back to the 25h Hotel we shortly visited the Altstadt (without shopping) and had a beer in the sun in front of the hotel, with a view on the construction site with 18 cranes. Havencity is still expanding.

Inasmuch as we could walk, we didn't want not take a step too much and decided to have dinner around the corner at Neni anew.