Wednesday, January 30, 2019

striking skirt

crochet pencil skirt pattern

January seems endless.

Perfect weeks to watch movies or read on the sofa and craft (kind of hibernation mode).

Time for another crochet project.
I picked some colors from the wool cabinet for a new skirt.
It's an easy and fun project to work and a striking skirt for every season.
The first pencil skirt I made with 100% wool from Marrakech in 5 different colors.
I hardly wear it, because the wool is itchy and uncomfortable.
So I'm gonna give it another try.
This time I'm not using carpet wool, but a softer type of yarn.

It's also a great project to use your yarn leftovers.

The midi pencil skirt has a nice fit, because the soft crochet-fabric is stretchable.

You can download the STRIPED MIDI PENCIL SKIRT PATTERN in my ETSY shop, available in English or Dutch version.

Sunday, January 27, 2019



Atelier. I love the sound of the elegant french word for ‘workspace’.

In the past months I've moved my workspace items, the entire wool collection, a desk, a sofa and a lot of vintage furniture to the spare room in our house. It's completely decorated with items we already stored in barn and attic. In the meantime it is slowly taking shape and it's an inspiring place and wonderful room to work. Moreover it's a great space to relax on the sofa.

It's great to have a special spot to call your 'own'.

Friday, January 25, 2019

green & pink

chevron pillow pattern - green & pink

With green & pink you can't go wrong. Those two colors compliment each other really nicely.

Actually this is the prototype of my latest chevron pillow design. I started to make this one before the two multicolored chevron pillows.
While I was working on this green & pink project, I imagined the chevron pattern would look cool with lots of colors too. And eventually I finished the multicolored ones first.

Last week I finally finished the green & pastel pink pillow... (well as a matter of fact I simply had to stitch the seams)

Using only two colors, this green & pink pillow is quite a bit easier to make, also for beginners.

You can download the CHEVRON PILLOW PATTERN in my Etsy shop.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

winter delight

augustus in the snow augustus in the snow augustus in the snow augustus in the snow augustus in the snow augustus in the snow augustus in the snow augustus in the snow augustus in the snow augustus in the snow

The garden of Villa Augustus this afternoon.

Nothing so soothing and peaceful, like the hush of fresh fallen snow.

In the Netherlands days with snow are quite rare nowadays and therefore we must enjoy it when it's there.

The layer of powder on the Italian garden, is making the shapes of the garden even more beautiful.

Monday, January 21, 2019

eclectic & unique

sunday sparkle eclectic & unique la salle de bain eclectic & unique moroccan tangerines boucherouite lingerie cabinet palmtree fridaybed naturals & textures crafted coaster collection eclectic & unique eclectic & unique

Without defining our interior as typically eclectic, the unique & eclectic pieces (being brought home as souvenirs over the years) are exactly the pieces that last and make our home our home.

The mix with modern design and vintage furniture, don't make a typically Moroccan appearance.

Friday, January 18, 2019

attic hallway

attic hallway attic hallway

Strawhat collection & vintage L O N D O N map in the attic hallway.

Have a great weekend!