Saturday, December 26, 2009

publication 101 woonideeën magazine

My home and handmade products are featured in the current January 2010 issue of 101 Woonideeën Magazine, a Dutch interior magazine that is really creative and innovative. Thanks to my friend Nina who introduced me as a candidate "binnenkijker".

The photoshoot in September was so much fun and amazing to experience that it's a day's work for a team of four people! The photographer Louis Lemaire (look at 'mensbeeld') and his assistant Mieke Verduijn, stylist Kristel de Jong and Jeske Weel.

The production of the DIY wood & wool baby clothes hangers I did with Jeske. She never touched a crochet needle herself and was the perfect person to produce the mini course for those who want to learn crochet.

I'm very proud that my home is featured in this cool magazine with twelve pages. The very first email about the issue I received last week, was about my boots..., before I even read the issue myself.

Monday, December 14, 2009

heart tree

heart tree, originally uploaded by wood & wool stool.

Last year's homemade x-mas tree was parked in the backyard from January to last week, when I moved into the house for another christmas.

Therefore it's the greenest tree conceivable. It doesn't need frills. Just a few hearts. Merry christmas everybody!

Monday, December 7, 2009

wood & wool stool shipping day

Today I went to the post-office to send six mega boxes with stools to their several destinations. It's quite a hassle to load and unload the car and I even considered to exchange my 2CV for a 2CV-van.

Fortunately there was a place for my car just around the corner of the post-office and an old man helped me to open the heavy door. The little agency was at once filled with my boxes. I informed the lady behind the counter about the concerning shipping addresses and it felt pretty cool to send my handmade stools around the world. Today they went to Breda, Den Bosch (both in the Netherlands), Wentorf (Germany) and two to Warabi City, Saitama (above Tokyo - Japan)

It has been a super busy week but I feel satisfied now, knowing that the stools will arrive before Christmas in their new homes.

Friday, December 4, 2009

sinterklaas surprise

sinterklaas surprise, originally uploaded by wood & wool stool.

Sinterklaas is an ancient tradition in the Netherlands. We celebrate on December 5 the birthday of Sinterklaas. It's a children matter and the festivity is about Sinterklaas is showering everyone with gifts. Sint also brings a visit to all schools in our country. When children stop believing this old and holy man is bringing a steamship full of gifts from Spain, Madrid to be exact, there is an alternative way to celebrate his birthday. In primary school classmates buy presents for eachother. Determined by lot (must stay secret) they make a homemade 'surprise' with a subtle reference to the present.

My daughter Pippa made a beautiful hand mirror. She cut the shape of a mirror out of box and sticked some aluminum foil on it as reflection. For decoration she used nice pictures from fashion magazines and for the glamor effect some diamants and Romy's name in gold. She bought some eye shadow and nail polish, for make up is a magical gift when you're a 12 year old girl.