Monday, May 31, 2010

rescued from the rain

rescued from the rain, originally uploaded by wood & wool stool.

It's cold and wet outside and I saved this adorable little twig.

Some flowers were smashed during the heavy rainfall yesterday.

Although it looks so fresh and summery in the tiny vase, I would rather just enjoy those flowers outside!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

destination down under

destination down under, originally uploaded by wood & wool stool.

After Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, United States, Japan, Taiwan, Brazil and Rwanda, there are now two wood & wool stools on their way to Sydney and Freshwater in Australia.

It's beyond expectations and so cool the stools are across all continents. I still intend to hang an old large world map in my workplace to indicate the places where they are home now.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

leuk hotel nl

leuk hotel nl, originally uploaded by wood & wool stool.

While organizing the book table at the market cafe in Villa Augustus, I noticed a new book with a picture of me on the cover.

The book called leuk hotel nl (nice hotel nl) contains the 200 nicest hotels and bed & breakfast addresses in the Netherlands. Villa Augustus is in the category indicated 100% good. Totally agree, though I may not be entirely objective.

The writer, Petra de Hamer, traveled throughout the Netherlands and slept in guesthouses, bed & breakfasts and hotels (what seems to me not a boring job at all). For each county she selected the best places to stay. For a romantic weekend with your lover, a nice family weekend or a night with friends. For every occasion you will find a suitable accommodation. Supplemented by tips near the hotel, like nice shops and restaurants.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

the beauty of one single flower

I can never throw away a bunch of flowers at once, without saving a flower pretty enough to enjoy some longer in a small vase or bottle.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


anthropologie, originally uploaded by wood & wool stool.

My new favorite store in London is Anthropologie. Everything is simply touching! When we walked across King's Road suddenly I remembered Lynn from Japan, had pointed me to this shop and I wrote the addresses of the two stores in London in my diary. Once we arrived at the address on King's Road I was completely in love with everything I saw in the window. We went in the shop and both the interior and the goods were just perfect. After quite a while Pippa was getting bored and started texting her friends.

I promissed her I would hurry touching everything and make sure I really wouldn't skip any corner, but I simply could not get away...
I think I told Pip at least ten times how great Anthropologie is that afternoon.

The next day when we got off the bus at Regent Street I convinced Pip, that I really had to go back to Anthropologie, to have another look and actually buy something! This store was almost even better, if that's possible.

The recycled chandeliers are amazing. When I tried my jacket in the changing rooms I found this embroidered chair!
We bought some souvenirs, like this fabric &, because we couldn't decide which letter we had to choose.

When I got home and checked my mail I found out that Apartement Therapy posted the wood-&-wool-wonderland house tour and the second comment (Anthropologie should ask if they can shoot their next catalog there...) is the biggest compliment!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

wood & wool stool on petherton road

Pippa and I visited London last week. We stayed with my dear niece Afra. She lives in Islington in this beautiful house with some friends.

In my suitcase I took some wooden stool legs, nails and a seat with crocheted cover as a present, so I could put Afra's wood & wool stool together in her backyard. When I heard my other niece Safi (Afra's sister) also would come to London for one night, I have brought her a wood & wool frame with an old picture of us.

We really have had a great time and had a busy schedule. For Pippa it was the first time in London, so I showed her all the important places, like for instance Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Oxford Street, Notting Hill and Covent Garden. The ride on The London Eye during sunset was sensational and we even had time to visit some parks, the Saatchi Gallery and Tate Modern as a pleasant change to shopping and sightseeing.

London is our favorite city and Afra thanks again for your hospitality.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

maak het!

maak het!, originally uploaded by wood & wool stool.

Yesterday afternoon the author Machteld Stilting and most of the participants were united to celebrate the presentation of the book Maak het! (Make it!) After a warm welcome in Amersfoort, the book was presented. We all got our own book handed and everyone was curious about the result and in search of her own chapter. It was completely silent for a while and that is quite remarkable for this company. Maak het! has become an attractive and useful book with 20 portraits of creative women with a webshop, telling their personal inspirational stories illustrated with beautiful photographs.

It was nice to meet everyone in person. Some of them I knew already by internet, like Engel, Kinchi and of course my friend Nina who is also featured in the book. She brought me a set of her beautiful postcards.

When I got home, for the first time I really had time to sit down and read the book at ease and I am very happy with the result.

I was really touched by the story of Angélique of Zoet-stof. She makes these unique and most beautiful fabrics with embroidered words to comfort someone.

This book contains so many different kind of stories and also business tips from experts, that could be very useful when you are planning to start your own creative business.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

(wood &) wool garland

(wood &) wool garland, originally uploaded by wood & wool stool.

The white garland is a custom order from Lisette. She told me that she will use it in the baby room, above the changing table of her first born she's expecting in August.