Sunday, May 2, 2010

maak het!

maak het!, originally uploaded by wood & wool stool.

Yesterday afternoon the author Machteld Stilting and most of the participants were united to celebrate the presentation of the book Maak het! (Make it!) After a warm welcome in Amersfoort, the book was presented. We all got our own book handed and everyone was curious about the result and in search of her own chapter. It was completely silent for a while and that is quite remarkable for this company. Maak het! has become an attractive and useful book with 20 portraits of creative women with a webshop, telling their personal inspirational stories illustrated with beautiful photographs.

It was nice to meet everyone in person. Some of them I knew already by internet, like Engel, Kinchi and of course my friend Nina who is also featured in the book. She brought me a set of her beautiful postcards.

When I got home, for the first time I really had time to sit down and read the book at ease and I am very happy with the result.

I was really touched by the story of Angélique of Zoet-stof. She makes these unique and most beautiful fabrics with embroidered words to comfort someone.

This book contains so many different kind of stories and also business tips from experts, that could be very useful when you are planning to start your own creative business.


  1. hi ingrid! i ordered the book at amazon one week ago right after i read your article about the publication of the book. still can't believe it will take more than a month for the book to come... how annoying!!! well, thank you for the lovely preview :))

  2. Hej Lynn, How nice is that! i will tell the writer that her book is already sold to someone in Japan! :) The Japanese "Editions de Paris" book will come out in August, i will keep in touch. Tomorrow i will leave for London with Pippa for a little break :) X Ingrid

  3. Ohhhhhh!!!!! I am flying to London next Monday!!!
    I guess you and Pippa will be back home by then....too bad :(

  4. Lucky you going to London :)
    The book sounds interesting, I love discovering new artists / creators / makers. The embroidery s lovely!

  5. @Lynn
    Oh really! We stay four nights at the daughter of my sister and will fly back on Saturday. Maybe some day when you will visit the Netherlands perhaps?!

    Yay lucky us! London is my favorite city! Pippa has never been thers, so it's great to show her all the special places. And I'm looking forward meeting my cousins Afra & Safi and my childhood friend Cissy, who happens to be in London too :)

  6. Sounds like a great book.Now I've got to go and check out your etsy shop!

  7. Today I was reading the "Flow" tijdschrift in the train and I noticed that they had a little ad for your photo frames. I wasn't sure if you knew about it or not so just thought I'd let you know :-)

  8. @Miss C.
    Thanks for the info about the wood & wool frame! FLOW has already sent me the magazine :)

  9. Tof! Ik ga het boek opzoeken (Flow ligt klaar om te lezen dus ook daar kom ik je tegen ;-)

    Mooie foto, ook!

  10. Congratulations Ingrid!!! I'm sure it will be a success!! I will of course try to find it on Amazon, because these are the stories that inspire me every day, you among them, of course!
    Strong women striving for their place and inspiring others is a must read!
    Thank you for sharing it with us! Best wishes and the best of luck for you!!! Keep the talent and keep sharing it!

  11. It must be amazing to be part of such a project. I just had a quick look at the other author's blogs (via your links) and especially enjoyed kinchi's 'kattenrok voor vrouwen'. Truly unique. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Hoi Ingrid,
    Dankjewel voor je lieve commentaar op zoet-stof. Altijd mooi om te horen :)
    Ik ga je blog zeker in de gaten houden, sinds Maak het! ben ik fan van jou! Heerlijk dat jij met hamer & haaknaald overweg kunt en zulke prachtige krukjes maakt.
    Fijne tijd in Londen.

  13. Die gaat op mijn verlanglijstje ;)

  14. hebberig als ik was, viel het boek gister in de bus. ziet er goed uit!

  15. leuk boek, het is bijna uit!