Thursday, May 13, 2010


anthropologie, originally uploaded by wood & wool stool.

My new favorite store in London is Anthropologie. Everything is simply touching! When we walked across King's Road suddenly I remembered Lynn from Japan, had pointed me to this shop and I wrote the addresses of the two stores in London in my diary. Once we arrived at the address on King's Road I was completely in love with everything I saw in the window. We went in the shop and both the interior and the goods were just perfect. After quite a while Pippa was getting bored and started texting her friends.

I promissed her I would hurry touching everything and make sure I really wouldn't skip any corner, but I simply could not get away...
I think I told Pip at least ten times how great Anthropologie is that afternoon.

The next day when we got off the bus at Regent Street I convinced Pip, that I really had to go back to Anthropologie, to have another look and actually buy something! This store was almost even better, if that's possible.

The recycled chandeliers are amazing. When I tried my jacket in the changing rooms I found this embroidered chair!
We bought some souvenirs, like this fabric &, because we couldn't decide which letter we had to choose.

When I got home and checked my mail I found out that Apartement Therapy posted the wood-&-wool-wonderland house tour and the second comment (Anthropologie should ask if they can shoot their next catalog there...) is the biggest compliment!


  1. I love Anthropolgie too, I found it in Miami last year, and I fell in love with it!
    I bought some children picture books, presents for my parents and friend, and of course for ME!
    Have a look at children books in my blog, if you want:
    Bye and... have good inspirations!

  2. Love the chandeliers and I too love this store. About once a year, I get to Portland, Oregon. The Anthropologie story there is always a destination place for me.

  3. I recently heard they had opened a store in London, not managed to visit yet, but have heard lots of good things about Anthropologie on US blogs.

  4. I'm an A-lover too! Never been to their shops, but I subscribe to their emails. I get these little 'gifts' in my inbox once a week.

  5. Anthro sends my heart into flutters. You do have to take it all in on your first stop and return the next day to gather your stolen heart.

  6. That is great, congratulations!
    Love the atmosphere that you are creating!
    Have a nice weekend

  7. Hey!

    I went to San Francisco last week and visited the A store. I fell in love!!! Visited it three times and could not go outside anymore. If it was possible i had taken everything home with me, but my suitcase was to small! I only bought two doorhandles. My boyfriend even liked to spend time in the store! I want one in Holland!

    xxx Evy

  8. We need definitly one in germany, too...;)...I feel in love, too, with their products...wish you a lovley week...your london tour is so great and inspiring...cheers and hugs...i...

  9. I'm in that store all the time! It's great for inspiration and a bit of grounding about what you really like. xx

  10. wow that chandelier is amazing! years ago i was in small anthropologie store in America and wanted to buy just about everything but came home with a beautiful teatowel with a croched edge...

  11. Be sure to check out The Anthropologist. It's Anthro's sister website (they have a link to it on the Anthro website near the facebook/twitter icons). They sometimes have tutorials on how they built their window display's and where they get their inspiration.