Friday, May 29, 2015

Thursday, May 28, 2015

household hardware

amsterdamamsterdamamsterdamamsterdamhousehold hardwareamsterdamamsterdamamsterdamamsterdamamsterdamamsterdamamsterdamamsterdamamsterdamamsterdamamsterdamhousehold hardwareamsterdamamsterdamamsterdamamsterdam

Welcome for a peek at my friend Ank's store in Amsterdam, we visited last Sunday.

Ank imports tiles, glassware, tableware, furniture, plastic carpets and much more cool stuff from Morocco.

For all who can't go to Morocco, however like a fine Moroccan atmosphere at home, there is a possibility to shop in the souk webshop of Household Hardware.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

cow parsley

amsterdam cow parsley

Flowers for my dear friend. A huge bunch of cow parsley, picked from the verge.
We visited my friend Ank and met her at the stunning new location of her store Household Hardware in Amsterdam last Sunday.

It was the sunniest Sunday of 2015 sofar, more on that soon.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

el oo ve ee

wood & wool postcard [ L O V E ]wood & wool postcard [ L O V E ]

New [ L O V E ] postcard.
Sneak preview on the locker of another 'crochet le mot' postcard.

I will bring them to #DeFabriekOpZondag market in Eindhoven this Sunday.

Hope to meet you there!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

painted pink

moroccan pink kitchenmoroccan pink kitchenmoroccan pink kitchenmoroccan pink kitchenmoroccan pink kitchenmoroccan pink kitchen

The kitchen walls are painted pink.

Not just pastel pink. No, it's a kind of 'moroccan pink'. An earthy color you can find in the medina.

Our kitchenwalls were covered with scrapwood for more than 10 years. We loved it, the kitchen had this natural basic look. Everything looked nice on the wooden surface.
We already had a wall make over in mind for some time, we did not know whether we wanted tiles or something something completely different.
Besides we were a bit worried it might affect the nice no-nonsense atmosphere in the kitchen.

Two weeks ago, during breakfast we spontaneously decided that it was the perfect rainy day to knock off the scrap wood.
Always exciting... well the beginning was quite scary, but after one wall we liked it. The planks we threw out the kitchen window and in less than an hour the walls were completely gutted.

The pretty pink paint was already in house! We decided to paint across the battered plaster for a rough look.
The kitchen looks completely different, with the same utensils.

We are delighted with our 'moroccan pink' kitchen. The color is even better in real and it changes with the light. Superb!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

summer brights

la salle de bainla salle de bainla salle de bainla salle de bainla salle de bainla salle de bainla salle de bainla salle de bain

La Salle De Bain.

The bathroom is a bright space with lots of white. White instantly says summer and reflects the sunlight.

The colourful and quirky details make the bathroom even more sunny!
The deer with long curly lashes is made from recycled plastic in South Afrika, black & white ducks watering cans we found on Ile de Ré, brush and scrubs from Marrakech and the medicine cabinet we made ourselves from scrap wood.

The hammam towels we brought some years ago from Turkey. A good investment. We use them every single day in the bathroom and also use them on the beach and in the garden.