Sunday, May 24, 2015

painted pink

moroccan pink kitchenmoroccan pink kitchenmoroccan pink kitchenmoroccan pink kitchenmoroccan pink kitchenmoroccan pink kitchen

The kitchen walls are painted pink.

Not just pastel pink. No, it's a kind of 'moroccan pink'. An earthy color you can find in the medina.

Our kitchenwalls were covered with scrapwood for more than 10 years. We loved it, the kitchen had this natural basic look. Everything looked nice on the wooden surface.
We already had a wall make over in mind for some time, we did not know whether we wanted tiles or something something completely different.
Besides we were a bit worried it might affect the nice no-nonsense atmosphere in the kitchen.

Two weeks ago, during breakfast we spontaneously decided that it was the perfect rainy day to knock off the scrap wood.
Always exciting... well the beginning was quite scary, but after one wall we liked it. The planks we threw out the kitchen window and in less than an hour the walls were completely gutted.

The pretty pink paint was already in house! We decided to paint across the battered plaster for a rough look.
The kitchen looks completely different, with the same utensils.

We are delighted with our 'moroccan pink' kitchen. The color is even better in real and it changes with the light. Superb!


  1. I love this color....we have on the sun room walls off the kitchen. Ours may have a bit more brown.
    I love how it changes over the course of the day and with different light conditions. Thanks for sharing your beautiful kitchen facelift.

  2. Ik vind hem geweldig! Soms moet je gewoon iets durven doen :-)

  3. Wat een fijne kleu!
    Vakantie in je eigen huis!
    Staat geweldigen matcht vast geweldig met het roze citroenkleed. Over citroenen gesproken: wat een leuke kan!

  4. i really love your kitchen and the colour you choosen! it´s really nice! and your photos transportes a lovely feeling... still dreaming of your perfect home!

  5. Wonderful... Love your style, Claudia

  6. mooie kleur, staat goed in jullie keuken!