Friday, December 4, 2009

sinterklaas surprise

sinterklaas surprise, originally uploaded by wood & wool stool.

Sinterklaas is an ancient tradition in the Netherlands. We celebrate on December 5 the birthday of Sinterklaas. It's a children matter and the festivity is about Sinterklaas is showering everyone with gifts. Sint also brings a visit to all schools in our country. When children stop believing this old and holy man is bringing a steamship full of gifts from Spain, Madrid to be exact, there is an alternative way to celebrate his birthday. In primary school classmates buy presents for eachother. Determined by lot (must stay secret) they make a homemade 'surprise' with a subtle reference to the present.

My daughter Pippa made a beautiful hand mirror. She cut the shape of a mirror out of box and sticked some aluminum foil on it as reflection. For decoration she used nice pictures from fashion magazines and for the glamor effect some diamants and Romy's name in gold. She bought some eye shadow and nail polish, for make up is a magical gift when you're a 12 year old girl.


  1. Hi Ingrid,

    Sinterklaas = Santa Claus in the Netherlands? Cool.

    "showering everyone with gifts" sounds very nice. I wondered about how you celebrate over there. Your daughter's mirror is very creative! You are right about the make up for the 12 year old. My mom bought me lipstick and some make up when I was 11 :) Loved that surprise.

    Happy Sinterklaas to you :D

    michele in california

  2. So sweet!! What a great job she did.

    Ik mis Sinterklaas... ik vertel mijn meisjes alle Sinterklaas verhalen maar wij 'doen' Santa. :) Not the same at all, haha. Ik was wel altijd afraid of the zwarte Piet...:)

  3. I would be pleased with the mirror alone, the make up would be a bonus, so beautifully made!
    I hope Pippa gets something nice x

  4. I thuink it's a lovely tradition :)
    Lucky you having that mirror - you can't beat handmade gifts.

  5. Sorry about spelling mistake above, makes me cringe!!! I'm typing too quickly.

  6. What a treasure to receive. I would keep it forever. Your daughter, creatively, if definitely a mini-YOU.

  7. Thank you for your nice comments. Romy was very happy with the surprise Pippa has made for her and gave it a nice place in her bedroom. Pippa received a giant mascara brush and a real mascara, so she´s obviously very happy too.