Wednesday, January 30, 2019

striking skirt

crochet pencil skirt pattern

January seems endless.

Perfect weeks to watch movies or read on the sofa and craft (kind of hibernation mode).

Time for another crochet project.
I picked some colors from the wool cabinet for a new skirt.
It's an easy and fun project to work and a striking skirt for every season.
The first pencil skirt I made with 100% wool from Marrakech in 5 different colors.
I hardly wear it, because the wool is itchy and uncomfortable.
So I'm gonna give it another try.
This time I'm not using carpet wool, but a softer type of yarn.

It's also a great project to use your yarn leftovers.

The midi pencil skirt has a nice fit, because the soft crochet-fabric is stretchable.

You can download the STRIPED MIDI PENCIL SKIRT PATTERN in my ETSY shop, available in English or Dutch version.

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  1. I have one crocheted skirt, but I get snagged on everything when I wear it! Any ideas how to minimize that? Is it a problem for you too?