Thursday, June 18, 2020

his side

waking up in 2020 waking up in 2020 waking up in 2020 waking up in 2020 waking up in 2020 waking up in 2020

Waking up in 2020.

The first thing i often think when i wake up is, i was hoping 'it' was all a bad dream...

I don't get used to this weird year 2020.

We try to make the best of it every day and can only wait and see.
Sometimes I just want to sleep and wake up in 2021 and start all over again with a clean slate.

However it may be, I still enjoy our new bedroom every single day. The room has a inspiring, soothing eclectic atmosphere and infuses me with fresh ideas.

I've got quiet a few comments, that I never showed 'his side of the bed', when we moved into our new bedroom. We both secretly chose our side of the bed.

You know my side of the bed, with the componibili design classic by Kartell and the vintage toucan lamp.

Well finally here some pictures from Henk's side, haha...

He chose a cobalt blue steel round table and a small modern metal table lamp that excels in its simplicity.

All seemingly flow quite nicely together!

The paper storage box is found in Breda and I'm in love with the color and illustration and decided to use it for my 'outfit-prints'.

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